Q: What is a Dinnerplan?

A Dinnerplan is best described as a dinner party, with the guests and the host selected completely randomly.

A Dinnerplan is about three things:

  1. Getting to know other members in your area
  2. Experiencing new recipes for drinks and food
  3. Perfecting your hosting skills

Q: Can anyone be chosen as the host?

Yes, unless you sign up for a Dinnerplan in a different city or if you are the +1. You can also opt out from being possibly selected as the host. However, being chosen as the host has great benefits. You eat and drink for free as you receive your money back and that of your guests, you get to decide what will be on the table, you perfect your hosting and cooking skills and we regularly give free stuff to the hosts!

Q: Where do I host the brunch or dinner?

At your own home. If for practical reasons that is not possible, then please send us an email.

Q: If I sign up, will I always be part of a Dinnerplan, either as host or guest?

Yes, we will vary the number of guests to each Dinnerplan such that everyone will be part of a Dinnerplan. However, no Dinnerplan will be created where the number of guests exceeds 6 or is less than 3.

If insufficient participants signed up for a specific date in a specific city, the Dinnerplan will be cancelled and you will of course receive a full refund.

Q: Can I attend a Dinnerplan in a city in which I do not live?

Yes, you don’t even have to live in the same country, which allows you to join a Dinnerplan also when traveling. If you have an address outside of the city where the Dinnerplan is held, then you are excluded from potentially becoming the host.

Q: Can I bring someone with me?

You can bring a +1 by adding a person to your booking. If this person does not have a Dinnerplan-account yet you can invite this person to join. Your +1 cannot be chosen as the host.

Q: I would like to join a Dinnerplan, but I cannot host that date because of a very good reason (which I prefer to keep to myself). Can I still join?

Yes, when making a booking you can indicate that you will not be able to host that date and hence you will not be randomly selected as the host. Please be aware though that there are many benefits to being chosen as the host: 1) you will eat and drink for free, 2) you decide what food and drinks there will be on the table, 3) you definitely will improve your cooking and hosting skills and 4) we regularly bestow our hosts with great gifts.

Q: I’m a guest at a Dinnerplan and I can see who will be the host but not the other guests. Why?

Because we would like you to attend your Dinnerplan with an open mind and a hopefully empty stomach. Of course through messaging you could figure out who else is coming, but that you could doesn’t mean you should.

Q: I’m not receiving any emails from the Dinnerplan. Why?

It is possible that emails from the Dinnerplan are blocked by your spam-filter. Please add @thedinnerplan.com to your safe list.

Q: I’ve been selected as the host. When will I receive the money to buy ingredients and drinks?

You will receive the money back from your own payment and that of the guests attending, excluding the service fee, approximately 3 days before your Dinnerplan.

Q: I made a booking but something has come up and I need to cancel. Can I?

Yes, you can cancel a booking for a Dinnerplan up to 4 days before your Dinnerplan and we will fully refund your payment. After that, your Dinnerplan’s host will start the preparations and it wouldn’t be fair to receive cancellations on short notice (4 days or less before the Dinnerplan).

Q: If chosen as the host, on which account will I receive the host contribution?

The host contribution consists of the host’s payment for the specific Dinnerplan and that of the guests attending. The host should receive the host contribution approximately 3 days before your Dinnerplan on the bank account or PayPal account that is specified in their profile. It is not mandatory to fill out a bank account and/ or PayPal account and if not filled out, we will transfer the host contribution to the account from which we received the specific Dinnerplan payment. Please be assured that under no circumstance can we take out a payment of your account unless you explicitly authorise a payment through our third party payment provider.

Should we for whatever reason be unable to transfer the host contribution, then we will contact the host through their provided phone number to allow for a quick transfer.

Q: When I log in to The Dinnerplan using my Facebook account, I am prompted to fill out my Facebook login details every time

Unfortunately, this is not something we can change for you. It most likely has to do with the cookie-settings of the browser you are using. If your setting is such that your browser does not store cookies, then your browser will not remember it’s you. If your device is used by multiple persons, then this is a recommended setting. If you are the only user of your device, then you might consider changing your cookie settings. Searching google using browser name and cookie settings will get you the instructions you need to do that.