About The Dinnerplan


Delicious food on a table enjoyed by a group of people

How did it come about?

The Dinnerplan was born one summer evening, after enjoying the best dinner experience we had had in a very long time. My wife and I were visiting friends and as part of the conversation our friends told us they had ordered food from a new online grocery. As it turns out, it was way too much food for just the two of them and so our friends proposed we stay for dinner. We helped out in the kitchen while enjoying a good glass of wine and as it happened to be even too much food for four people, our friends invited their recently divorced neighbour and his parents, who were visiting him, to join.

The result?

The most entertaining and interesting dinner experience we have had in a long time. By the end of that evening, we understood that we had such an unexpected perfect time not only because the food was great, but also because of the additional elements that were present that night and the interesting conversations. Even though we did not know half the guests, the conversation was fluid and diverse, as the group was diverse in gender, ages and backgrounds. We exchanged jokes and shared stories. We got home that night feeling satisfied, not only in our bellies, but also in our minds. We even met some weeks later again with the neighbour and a great friendship was made.

We got two lessons out of this experience that helped us give birth to The Dinnerplan: first, that food is a great way to bring people together, so we should go back to the table more often. And second, that sharing and connecting with people you don’t know, from different backgrounds, gender, or age, is the greatest way to increase your social happiness through the excitement of unexpected conversations. The Dinnerplan is the mix of those two lessons. We believe that food passion is a great way to bring people together through a same interest, which opens the opportunity for others to share their opinions, interests, and views and to connect with them. Therefore, The Dinnerplan aims to bring people #backtothetable.

Group of people drinking wine and enjoying snacks

How does it work?

Concretely, the purpose of The Dinnerplan is threefold: (1) to offer an opportunity for people to experience great food, (2) to learn new recipes for food and drinks and (3) to meet the other members. We do that by providing you with the opportunity to join a Dinnerplan in your preferred city on your preferred date, after which we will take care of the rest. Meaning, we put you together at the table with around 5 other guests and we assign a host. This will be done completely randomly. Why?

“Because we believe that whomever you sit next to, everyone will have an interesting story to tell. And that no matter if you have experience as a host, we believe you will do a great job.”

We encourage everyone to sign-up: all nationalities, all cultures, all backgrounds and all ages, because the more diverse the table the more interesting the Dinnerplan.

To join a Dinnerplan, you have to take the following 2 simple steps:

  1. Pick a Dinnerplan in your preferred city on your preferred date and go through the booking process. If you are chosen as the host, you will receive your money back and the money from your guests, excluding the service fee. We aim for groups of maximum 6 guests and 1 host.
  2. Your Dinnerplan will be created 4 days before the food event. This means that at that moment the host and attendants will be randomly drawn. We suggest that you add the Dinnerplan to your email safety list so you will not miss any important emails from us. If you are the host, then you will have plenty of days to prepare delicious food for your guests. Of course you can solicit help from your partner, children, family or a friend. If you are a guest, then all you have to do is show up at your host’s place at the time and date of your Dinnerplan and enjoy!

In the period after your Dinnerplan is created and before the date of your Dinnerplan, the guests can message the host and vice versa if the need for communication arises. The host can see who is attending, the guests can see who is the host but not who else is attending.

After your Dinnerplan we will ask you to rate your host (a lot of effort should be acknowledged) and to vote for the funniest, most charming and most-informed person at your Dinnerplan. Only the winners will be shown and this part of your Dinnerplan is just for fun. However, we do keep a ranking where we show the top 5 in each category. Just imagine the fame you will get if you top one of those rankings.

We hope to meet you soon at one of the Dinnerplans!

Group of members enjoying their main course at their Dinnerplan