5 cocktails everyone should know how to make

For a great dinner party host, cocktails are a must. To start the evening with cocktails is the perfect way to start a dinner party and have your guests entertained. There are hundreds of cocktails, but with the following list, you can make sure you have enough variety to meet everyone’s preferences.


Start the evening with this refreshing cocktail and your guests will surely be dancing (and perhaps some singing too?) at the end of the evening. Sounds good to you? Check out the recipe here.

Kir Royale

This Champagne-based cocktail is a classic drink, which provides your dinner party with elegance and decadence, French style. Find the recipe here.


No cocktail more iconic and sophisticated than a Martini. Drink it James Bond style, vodka-based and shaken, or with gin and stirred. We’ll leave that one to you. You can find a nice gin-based recipe here.


This classic cocktail is one that should be on everyone’s list. Trade the whiskey for Scotch and bring it to the next level. Find your recipe here.

Gin and tonic

This cocktail is so much in fashion that we recently got snubbed by a gin a tonic we were looking to drink. Experiment with different gins and tonics to find the one that rocks your world. Our recipe here.