5 libido boosting mocktails

These 5 mocktails will prove to you that you don’t need alcohol to have a hot night. They are tasty, boost your libido and won’t give you a headache the next day.

1. Chocolate Mock-Tini

A chocolate mock-tine

Chocolate, besides from being delicious, contains phenylalanine (try saying that word after a couple of cocktails), an amino acid that stimulates dopamine production. Dopamine, amongst other things, enables us to not only see rewards, but also to take action to move toward them. And action to move towards a reward is just what we need sometimes!

You can find a delicious recipe here.

2. Ginger Peach Soda

Ginger is a digestive aid (hold on, we know that doesn’t sound appealing), which also increases circulation in the body which in turn heightens sensitivity in the erogenous zones. Combine this with its confidence building properties and we are sure you are willing to overlook it’s possible effects on your digestive system. Of course we all remember the legendary French mistress Madame du Barry who made a habit out of serving ginger to her many lovers, including King Louis XV. It was said it reduced them to a complete state of submisiveness. Strange, because aren’t kings supposed to be the dominant one?

You can find the recipe for ginger peach soda here.

3. Apple-Cinnamon Cider Mocktail

Studies have shown that cinnamon increases the appetite, both physical and sexual. You’ll have to find out which direction of the two it goes for you. If you find yourself eating all night, then best to stay away from this mocktail in the future. But if you find yourself doing the other thing all night, well….be sure to thank us the next day.

We don’t know anything about the effects of apple, but it just goes very well with cinnamon. Maybe the apple has been used by a mistress in the past, but it just happened to be one who didn’t become legendary.

Find an easy but great-tasting recipe here.

4. Rosewater and Lychee Mocktail

Roses and love have always been associated together. Bring your partner roses and you are halfway there. Then pour her a rosewater and lychee mocktail and there is not much you can do to still ruin the evening. In ancient times the petals of roses were mashed or made into oils in order to, amongst other things, cure impotence and curb sexual frigidness.

You can find a very nice recipe here.

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5. Spicy Pepper Mocktail

Of course one can imagine that spicy pepper can spice up your evening. Interestingly, spicy pepper makes your brain believe you are in pain and your brain in respons releases endorphins, a body’s natural way of relieving pain, and dopamine, responsible for a sense of reward and pleasure. You may even get what is called a “runner’s high”, but without all the effort that comes with running.

Find your spicy pepper mocktail recipe here.